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Snow Redfern Director Application

This application is for the position of the director of the Snow Redfern Foundation. This will need to be downloaded, printed and filled out and sent by mail, or by scanning the filled out application and send by e-mail.  There are required signatures on the application that must be included for your application to be considered.






Practical work experiences should include public relations, fiscal management, fund raising and organizational skills.  Experience in working with a Board of Directors is desired.

Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, a valid driver’s license and computer skills to complete Administrative and Financial duties.


Overall, it is the duty and responsibility of the Executive Director, as an employee and representative of the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, to complete those tasks as directed by the Board of Director’s.  Schedule of hours will be defined by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. As of the date of approval, this position is a part-time assignment.  Specific duties are described in categorical detail below:


Gather, read and respond to correspondence for the Foundation.

Develop and produce the Foundations’ newsletter along with promotional materials.

Develop, produce and see that social media is updated on a regular basis.

Maintain necessary contact with State Agencies and members of the State Legislature.

Travel to promote and represent Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation.

In cooperation with the Board Officers, create the agenda for all Board meetings.


Maintain communication between all officers and committees and assist in setting dates for meetings and meeting sites.

Attend all committee meetings, as requested by committee Chairs, and serve as an ad hoc member of all committees.

Prepare annual and all other reports as requested by the Board.

Continue to organize current files, and purge unnecessary files based on degree of confidentiality.

Organize, and preserve historical files and Foundation history at the office.


Prepare the annual budget, review financial reports with the Board, and the Finance Committee.  Oversee all income and expense transactions.

Seek, contact, and develop relationships with potential donors.


Serve as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Foundation’s accountant and legal advisor.


Must have a Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree preferred) and at least five years of experience as a top level administrator.


This position is currently a part-time position of 32 hours per week.   Time will be spent in the Alliance office, unless other responsibilities require the Executive Director to attend meetings, travel, etc.

- Salary is commensurate.  

- Application deadline:  November 30, 2018

- Application procedures

 1. Open

 2. Click on NEWS

 3. Click on JOB APPLICATION and download

 4. Print application

 5. Send application via mail or scan and send at attachment to email




Click here to open and download Application