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For years she would show up at our office, sometimes announced, and sometimes unannounced.  Either way, her compassion was for youth who needed an extra boost in their lives.  In the fall she would deliver school supplies; things they would need to be like the other kids when they started the year.  At Christmas she would show up with items that could be wrapped and given to each youth, making them feel special.

She was so quiet and so caring.  Somehow she understood what they needed and why they needed these special gifts.  She never shared why she had chosen our youth to support, and we never asked, just believing she had a very kind heart.  Giving and sharing is what she loved to do!  Such a quiet compassion!

The story doesn’t end there.  It didn’t end with her unexpected early death.  At age 57 she wasn’t done here on earth.  But that didn’t mean she wasn’t prepared, as apparently she knew more about her poor health than she was willing to share.  But share she did, as the Snow-Redfern Foundation was a beneficiary in her will.  In her continued quiet manner, she has provided additional funds for our investments, thus continuing to provide for, and care for, many youth for many years.  Of course, out of respect for her desire to make a difference, and do so without fanfare and accolades, she shall remain anonymous. In OUR hearts and minds, she is a true champion for children!

Snow-Redfern Foundation is so grateful for her, and many like her, who have in their own quiet way, provided for those youth and families in need.  We appreciate so many generous individuals who share.  THANK YOU!