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Grants and applications

The Snow-Redfern Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to carrying out the will, and wishes, of Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern.  We will forever continue to provide for those youth who are less fortunate than others.  To this extent, we will offer opportunities for “qualified charitable and/or human services organizations, educational entities, and faith-based organizations” to apply for grants that will directly impact positively, the lives of youth and their families.  These organizations will in turn provide direct services to the youth and families.   The next grant cycle will begin June 1, 2018 and be open through August 31, 2018. Applications must be postmarked no later than August 31, 2018 to be considered.

Please contact (308)762-6370 for more details.   


The following dates are for the entire grant cycle that Snow Redfern Foundation has followed for several years.  Applicants must follow these carefully, and are NOT flexible, or negotiable.

JUNE 1ST – EARLIEST date that applications may be submitted. All applications must be submitted electronically.  Submissions prior to this date will NOT be considered.

AUGUST 31ST – LAST date applications can be submitted. Submissions after this date will NOT be considered

SEPTEMBER – Applications will be distributed to Grant Committee to begins the review process.

OCTOBER – Grant Committee meets to review all qualifying applications.  At the completion of this step, the Grant Committee will be prepared to make a recommendation to the full Board, as to which applications are approved, and the amount of funding for qualified applicants.

NOVEMBER – At the regular Full Board meeting (first Tuesday of the month) the Grant Committee presents their proposal.  Following discussion, the full Board will finalize the proposal, and will vote to modify, or accept the recommendation, as presented.

NOVEMBER – The week following the approval of the grants, checks will be mailed to recipients. Amounts will depend upon availability of funds, how well the application moves Snow Redfern Foundation toward its Mission Statement, and how well the guidelines are followed by the applicant.  Applicants that do not qualify for funding will be notified by email.


The Snow-Redfern Foundation grant application deadline is Friday, August 31, 2018. No applications will be accepted after that date and can only be completed online. Applications are only accepted from organizations that serve youth who are at risk.  No individuals are eligible for grants.  

To see specific guidelines, see the information below. If you have further questions, please call 308-762-6370, to speak with Stan Bills, Executive Director.