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Renew the Life that is completed, through the life of disadvantaged youth!

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MAIL TO:   Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, PO Box 639, Alliance, NE  69301


The importance of continued support from Donors like yourself cannot be lost in our efforts to continue with Mrs. Redfern’s wishes.   She was so passionate about helping those youth who were less fortunate. Today’s world is even more challenging than she could have even imagined in the 1960’s.  There are so many youth, and their families, who are unable to have sufficient food, clothing, or even a roof over their heads.   So many of the organizations that the Snow-Redfern Foundation is helping are also very dedicated in the same way as we are, and it is amazing how many the extent to which they are attempting to provide the most basic of needs to so many people.   Your continued support to the Foundation allows us to spread that support across the entire State of Nebraska.

There are several ways to support the efforts of the Foundation:

  1. Unrestricted donations sent to PO Box 639, Alliance, NE.

  2. Memorials for loved ones, friends that have passed, or in the name of your favorite       organization.

  3. Through your estate, which expands our investment base.

Whichever you choose to support the Snow-Redfern Foundation, it is important to remember that all donations are tax deductible, as we are a tax exempt organization.   With tax time closing in on all of us, giving to our Foundation is a win-win situation.   You receive a deduction and the youth of Nebraska gain your support.   Thank you very much for your consideration in supporting our efforts.