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Development of the Snow-Redfern Foundation

This developmental guideline is twofold: to give our new supporters knowledge about our history, and also to refresh the memories of those of you who have been with us for some time.  As we develop our website further, more details will be added to each of these critical stages of our creation and evolution to being a grant foundation today.

1955 - Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern begins creating her dream to care for “orphans” and those less fortunate.  Her dream began with taking in foster children at her cattle ranch.  She provided a safe, loving, educational, and God based foundation in which to grow up, for many local youth.

1964 - The Snow-Redfern Foundation was officially created, and a Board of Director’s was seated.  The Board, with Mrs. Redfern’s assistance, determined how the Foundation would specifically serve youth.

1965 - After meeting Nebraska State regulations, a residential group home was established, and Nebraska Boys Ranch was created by the Foundation.  The first boy was accepted at NBR, with the sod house being the first residence for youth.

1968-1979 – Extensive fundraising resulted in the building of two residential facilities, a dining room, and activity center with office space.

1979 - NBR begins expanding the services it provided to youth, allowing for more youth to receive services.  This included starting an on campus school, allowing youth to make an easier transition into public schools.

2008 - The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services began the process of making a philosophical change to NOT place at-risk youth out of their homes.  Their focus was on keeping the youth in their homes, and providing services in their homes.  The Snow-Redfern Board was faced with new issues of how to find new ways to provide services and maintain as a viable operation.  Placement numbers began to decline.

2009 - NDHHS stopped placing youth at NBR, as well as other Nebraska facilities, forcing closure of many residential facilities in the state.  Due to declining numbers, and a resulting loss of revenue, the SRF Board of Directors was forced to close Nebraska Boys Ranch.  Our last resident placement was on July 21, 2009.  It was hoped this would be a temporary condition, but we were not able to contract for any services with the private provider handling all placements.

2010 - The SRF Board decided that it is no longer financially feasible, nor fiscally responsible, to attempt to continue with a residential program that the State of Nebraska no longer intends to utilize for placement of at-risk youth.  Further, the Board decided it was necessary to protect the financial investments of the past, and carry on the wishes of Mrs. Redfern, by selling the campus of NBR, the land and cattle of the Snow-Redfern ranch.  By doing so, the Board will be able to continue to provide indirect support to at-risk youth and their families.

2011 - The Andy Company of Bridgeport, Nebraska purchases all property once owned by the Foundation.

2012 - Since Teen Challenge has received the campus formerly run by Snow-Redfern Foundation, our role has been to serve more in an advisory capacity and indirect support. SRF obviously is pleased with the potential to have the facility used by an organization that will help children. The role of Snow-Redfern Foundation in helping children continues as well. Being a Grant Foundation, our support will continue, in the form of financial assistance to those in need. Of course, this depends upon profitable investments, which we believe will start incoming in the spring of 2012. Look for more on this.  It has been over a year since Snow-Redfern Foundation announced that we would be awarding grants to qualified organizations that serve at-risk youth and their families.  We are proud to inform you that the first step in this change has just been completed.  Grant applications postmarked by August 31, 2012, will be given consideration to receive financial support. The application phase started in June and finished in August.  The second phase will be the Grant Committee reviewing these applications in September and October.  Only organizations can qualify, as no grants will be awarded to individuals.  A scoring system will be used to determine those programs that are most deserving of financial support.  Of course, Snow-Redfern Foundation will provide as much money, and to as many applicants, as is financially feasible.  

The third phase of our new development is actually announcing and awarding grants to organizations in November.  Please be watching the news and refer back to this website ( for the results.  The SRF is very pleased with the response received, based on the number and quality of applications.  We wish to thank all the fine quality organizations that exist in the Great State of Nebraska who serve needy youth, and that took time to complete the application process.

Major milestone achieved when the SRF was able to fund grants to 23 different agencies across that Nebraska.  These agencies provide direct services to children and families. The total awarded through these grants was $88,000.00!

2013 - Another milestone at the conclusion of 2013, and entering into 2014.  There was a significant increase in the number of applications for grants, as the word spreads about the giving by Snow-Redfern Foundation.  This year 45 applications were received, with 41 grants being awarded.  With increased income, the Board was able to add to the amount of money awarded, by giving $110,000.00 to organizations that provide for youth and families.  As stated before, we are now providing expanded services to more youth in Nebraska by being a grant foundation.  It is important that our financial basis continue to expand, therefore, you as supporters are asked to continue with your assistance.

2014 - In our third year of providing grants to organizations that serve youth directly, two new standards have been set.  Total number of grants awarded were 42, with an increased total amount of $170,000.  We are so pleased to be able to continue to support those in need.  The exponential growth from these grants is tremendous.  With hundreds of youth benefiting from these grants, the Board of Directors continues their appreciation for continued support from the public. It has been a challenge to "reinvent" the Mission of the Snow-Redfern Foundation, but after three years it seems that we have turned that corner.  It is so exciting to share with you that in just three short years, the SRF has been able to support youth organizations with a total of $368,000.

2015 - The Snow-Redfern Foundation, of Alliance, Nebraska, has awarded grants for the 2015 year in the amount of $240,000.00 to 54 organizations across the state of Nebraska, and 19 different communities.  These organizations have demonstrated through their applications that they serve needy youth and families.  In the Foundations fourth year of providing these grants, the total awarded has been $607,000.00.  The grants are only given to organizations that provide direct services.  This has ensured that the Mission Statement of the Foundation is being achieved, in that they continue to meet the wishes of Mrs. Redfern, by caring for those less fortunate.  Each organization has already received their funds and are able to use them for programs they have defined in their application.  Once the funds have been used, they share information back to the Foundation, how the money was specifically used.

2016 – In our FIFTH year of following the newly created, and ever evolving, MISSION STATEMENT we again are breaking new ground.  But perhaps the greatest achievement is seeing so many more smiles of children, and their parents, across the State of Nebraska.  Proudly we shared with FORTY-TWO organizations, in TWENTY-ONE communities in Nebraska.  As always we wish to provide more grants, to more groups, in more communities.  So PLEASE share our web site with anyone you know who is involved in an organization that is sharing our MISSION to help kids!

Also, the growth and development of our Board of Directors is amazing.  It becomes more active and involved each year.  This too has been a process, or evolution, as we learn more and more about what it takes to be a GRANT PROVIDING FOUNDATION.  The high level of skills and talent that we have gathered as a Board of Directors is amazing.  This is a great compliment to the COMMUNITY OF ALLIANCE.  We have an abundance of very talented, skilled and CARING people who live in Alliance!

2017 – This past year has been very monumental in several ways, with continued growth and development of the Snow Redfern Foundation.  Let’s start at the END of our fiscal year and work our way forward, as the year ended with much energy, and focus on our Mission for being in existence.  The Snow Redfern Foundation, once again this year, provided the largest amount of grant money, to the largest number of agencies, in the most number of towns in the State of Nebraska we have ever aided!  Because the return on our investments was favorable, we were able to provide assistance for 82 agencies (almost double of last year) that directly serve youth, and their families.  These agencies were located in 43 communities in our State. This is huge, in that we are able to impact hundreds of youth, who are identified as being at-risk in some manner.

Next, it is very significant, and historical, that the Board of Directors deemed it time to change our logo.  Several “things” happened that led to this decision.  First, as we have said for years, people remember the Nebraska Boys Ranch name, but few even knew about Snow Redfern Foundation.  Secondly, since the agency that was at the Ranch facility had decided to no longer operate, we felt comfortable in once again using the name Nebraska Boys Ranch, feeling it would help the public better identify SRF.  Therefore, it was determined that we should build our Foundation upon the LEGACY of Nebraska Boys Ranch.  We are very proud of the fact that SRF was the developer of NBR, and happy to once again be able to reclaim its name and existence. The new logo reflects our beginnings, with NBR, but also that we have now “branched” out across the entire state to assist youth.

Last, and certainly not least, the Board of Directors continues to take on a new persona, by being very active in this new growth and development.  The leadership, and strength of each Board Member, is taking Snow Redfern Foundation to new levels.