"Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern became the creator of the Snow-Redfern Foundation in 1964 by willing her cattle ranch to the foundation. With her guidance, and the efforts of the Board of Directors, the dream of a facility to help boys came to fruition. In the fall of 1965, the Nebraska Boys Ranch became a reality, as the first boy arrived to live on the ranch.

It was her vision to provide a place for needy boys to grow up, regardless of race or creed."

Foresight of our Founder, Mrs. Redfern

The Board of Directors of the Snow-Redfern Foundation was very careful to continue with the vision that Mrs. Redfern created back in 1964, which quite simply was to provide for the needs of those less fortunate and underserved.  She often used the term “orphans” which has basically disappeared from terminology of those working in the child care area.  But the need to serve the many who go without the basics of life, including food, clothing and shelter continues.           Therefore, the role of SRF continues as we support those grass roots, and local organizations who provide those services directly to these youth and their families.

Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern

Our Founder